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Workday Adaptive Planning

Automate & Streamline your Budgeting, Planning, Reporting, and Analytics: All in the Cloud. It offers incredibly intuitive budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, and dashboards.


Tired of Conventional Static Planning?

Workday is a leader in CPM, and is built to function natively in the cloud. Furthermore, Workday Adaptive Planning offers incredibly intuitive budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, and dashboards.

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Save up to 90%
on budget management time

Dealing with a large number of Excel spreadsheets means you don't have the time or agility to spend on analyzing performance. The study shows that with Workday Adaptive Planning you can save 90% of budget management time.


Realization of real-time
outlook management

By using Workday Adaptive Planning, your data is always comprehensive, relevant, and fresh, the interactive dashboards you create and share will always be up to date. 


Accelerate the speed of
PDCA cycle for business

Workday Adaptive planning users can quickly leverage components of existing reports to build new reports, easing the creation of management of scheduled reports but also making it much easier to apply the PDCA cycle.

4 Features of Workday Adaptive Planning

With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can collaboratively plan across the enterprise
without manual spreadsheets or clunky legacy systems. Get business agility in a fast-moving world.

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Financial Planning

Everything you need for continuous and comprehensive financial planning, reporting, and analysis. Deliver stunning reports in minutes. Collaborate from anywhere—by web, mobile, and Excel.

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Sales Planning

Quickly optimize sales resources, increase rep performance, and improve predictability. Create rep capacity plans to meet topline bookings targets. Collaborate on what-if sales scenarios. Get a single source of truth by linking your sales and financial plans.

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Workforce Planning

Take workforce planning to the next level. Strengthen the collaboration between HR and business leaders to optimize workforce plans to achieve your strategic goals with the modern workforce.

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Operational Planning

Workday Adaptive Planning helps companies across a wide range of industries seamlessly connect financial and operational data to support faster, smarter, company-wide decision-making. You can adjust revenue and expense targets to meet their current needs.

"Without a solution like Workday Adaptive Planning, we would not have the ability to be very flexible and dynamic—and frankly collaborative the way that we are."

- CFO, P.F. Chang's

What Can We Achieve with Workday Adaptive Planning?


Be free from the Excel sheets hell

Are you looking for an alternative to static planning in Excel sheets? 

For many businesses, this cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone way of budgeting and forecasting has been the norm. With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can get real-time, innovative, and accurate budgeting and forecasting, right in the cloud.​


Get away from the error-prone method 

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Get away from the error-prone method of emailing back and forth various Excel sheets among departments, often losing track of what data is up to date.  Having everyone use the same foundation ensures smoother planning processes, that also scale perfectly with your business as it grows. Have your financial teamwork to create value for your business, instead of troubleshooting spreadsheets.


increase your productivity

Create dimensions and attributes (customer, product, color, etc.) and apply them in multi-dimension cube sheets, helping you with sales planning, and tailor the sheets to evaluate exactly those metrics and KPI’s that are critical for your success. As Workday Adaptive Planning relies on drag and drop, it is simple to approach and will increase your productivity.


Data visualizations without having to write a single line of code

You can further enhance your planning process with interactive reports, data visualizations, and visual dashboards, all without having to write a single line of code.

  • The power to plan anything, anywhere, in real-time.

  • Keep control of the entire process, with powerful monitoring tools.

  • Streamline and Automate the entire planning process across your organization.

"With Workday Adaptive Planning, we achieved a better budget process at a fraction of the cost compared to the millions of dollars and years of investment spent maintaining the on-premises solution."

- Senior Finance Manager, Boston Scientific

Industry-specific Solution  

Shearwater will help you implement and reap the rewards of Workday Adaptive Planning no matter what your industry. Please find dedicated datasheets and use-cases. Go ahead and choose your industry-specific insights, or continue exploring this page.


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