Shearwater Asia has helped Japan for UNHCR onboard Workday Adaptive Planning
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Shearwater Asia has helped Japan for UNHCR onboard Workday Adaptive Planning

By Speeding Financial Workflows, Increasing Insight, and Improving the Efficiency of Donation Campaign Efforts with Workday and Shearwater Asia, More Resources can be Spent on Refugees in Need

Expected Benefits:

- A single source of truth

- Completing budgets and reports faster

- Improving agility and insight

- Deeper understanding of current and planned campaign efforts

Current Challenges:

Financial planning and data is spread out on a number of non-interconnected and outdated systems, and dozens of spreadsheets. Financial planning and reporting require a lot of manual maintenance and needless double-checking for data accuracy, resulting in analysts’ time spent on verification and data entry, rather than providing accurate financial statements, reports, and deep analysis of campaign efforts.

Expected Results:

Creating a single source of truth where all financial planning and analytics can take place, will improve both the accuracy and confidence of the financial performance of the organization. The time and resources needed for mandatory reporting is significantly reduced, and J4U can now divert these resources to plan more comprehensive campaign analyses and provide data driven ROI evidence for obtaining grants and investments.

In short, completing budgets faster increases planning efficiency, and increases the confidence of campaign donations and investment efforts.

Why Shearwater Asia and Workday Planning:

Shearwater Asia is proud to have been working closely with the Finance and IT team of Japan for UNHCR in determining the best solution for their planning challenges. Together we demonstrated to decision makers, how current challenges and planning bottlenecks can be addressed by utilizing the powerful capabilities of the Workday Adaptive Planning Cloud.

About Japan for UNHCR

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Industry: Nonprofit

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people. Japan for UNHCR is the official partner of UNHCR in Japan, engaging in fundraising and raising awareness for the refugee cause.

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