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5 CFO Tips for Better Board Reporting


The five tips in this eBook can put you on the path to better board reporting through stronger presentations and strategic, meaningful narratives. You’ll learn how to spark more dynamic discussions and guide your board members to make better decisions.

Top 4 Reporting Challenges 

Top4 Reporting Challenges.png

In our survey on the topic of reporting, only 46% of accounting and reporting teams saw themselves as effectively meeting stakeholder needs. Why the poor marks— and what can you do to solve the problem? This eBook looks at four common financial reporting challenges and what you can do to tackle them.


Practical Steps for Business Agility

Agility is the clarion call for companies that need to stay ahead of the competition and respond quickly (and strategically) to challenges and opportunities in a volatile economic environment.

Agility is your call to action.

In Practical Steps for Business Agility, learn how companies are leveraging agility to:

  • Develop robust KPIs and set targets that capture and contextualize company objectives

  • Course-correct strategically when presented with challenges and opportunities

  • Build a culture of collaboration that puts insights and analytics into the hands of decision-makers

  • Enable on-the-ground strategic decision-making based on insight, not instinct


In this eBook, you’ll learn why spreadsheets fail as a planning tool, along with reasons to explore a cloud-based planning solution that can enable a collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous planning process.


Four Secrets Behind Great Budgeting and Planning

Making the Shift Four Secrets Behind Gre

Among the key things you’ll learn:

  • Secret #1: Challenge the Status Quo.

  • Secret #2: Set Targets for Continuous Improvement.

  • Secret #3: A CFO’s Work Is Never Done.

  • Secret #4: Rolling Forecasts Can Get You Out of Your FP&A Rut.


Calculate the ROI of your planning solution

This report is the result of data collected from 234 customers (201 of which are live on Workday Adaptive Planning) who responded to a Customer Realization Survey in 2019. The findings prove that Workday Adaptive Planning customers consistently realize a significant increase in productivity, accelerate cycle times for their planning and analytical processes, and fundamentally become more strategic partners to the business.


The Hidden costs of static planning

hidden costs.png

Read this eBook to learn:

  • How leading with insights drives business decisions

  • Why static planning can harm your company in the short term

  • How to enhance collaboration with business stakeholders

  • How an active planning approach can unleash the true potential of the finance team

  • Ways to improve the accuracy and integrity of finance and accounting data, plans and reports


Plan to Win

Read it to discover:

  • How an active planning process turns thinking into doing

  • Why planning is transformative when everybody plans

  • Why instinct is no longer enough when prospecting your future

  • Why finance is ideally suited to orchestrate planning across the organization

  • What active planning means for sales, workforce, and project planning

  • How active planning can deliver the business agility you need to succeed


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