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Startup Solution 

With Netsuite, you can solve problems that manufacturers have, such as product data management, supply chain, product control, and global management.


Industry-specific NetSuite Introduction Effect

If you have such troubles,

NetSuite would help

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Complex finance and revenue management

  • In the complex digital society, it is essential to have a financial system that flexibly responds to the addition of new sales channels, the launch of new brands, and the reform of business models.

  • As you don't know how should logistics operations and accounting be connected, there are delays in closing processes and reduced efficiency due to the increased burden on the accounting department.

Complex client expectation management

  • Project progress management, KPI, schedule management are managed in each Excel and personalized.

  • spending a lot of time creating the report from Excel.

Difficulties on overseas expansion

  • Manage multiple countries, languages, currencies and taxes in one system

  • Difficult to develop marketing measures to open up new markets because the system is not integrated.


Effects after NetSuite installation

Improving project profitability

  • Automation of billing for multiple sources of revenue (subscriptions, products, uses, services).

  • Responding to complicated revenue recognition, milestones, construction progress, etc.

Accurate data management and automatic reporting

  • Identify and allocate the best human resources. Match the right skills to the right projects with a simple search.

  • Improve client satisfaction by sharing detailed project reports.

  • Grasp project timeline, resource needs, and profitability to make accurate quotes and identify areas of margin improvement.

Global financial integration

  • Seamlessly manage multiple corporations, multiple currencies, languages ​​, and reporting as the business expands.

  • Open up new markets through campaign management, marketing automation (MA), and marketing analytics.

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"No special software is required and it can be used from a browser and has high security, so accounting work can be performed by remote work."

Product Features for Software/Service/Startup Industry

Order management

Automate all of the following tasks:

Order-to-Cash process, omnichannel price management, multiple price levels and currencies, centralized promotion management, gross profit analysis, workflow approval, opportunity-to-performance flow, RMA management, Warranty and repair, customer refund management

Revenue recognition

  • NetSuite's financial management software enables all industry revenue recognition.

  • The accounting department can account for contracts based on any revenue standard for specific products and services, including software and service contracts specified in accordance with international accounting standards.

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Project management

  • NetSuite Professional Services: Use automated solutions to manage your bidding-to-billing business process.

  • This automation solution includes project management, resource management, project accounting, billing, timesheet management, cost management, and analysis.

Business Meeting

Billing management

  • Automate billing across multiple revenue streams, including subscriptions, products, usages, and services.

  • Solve complex revenue recognition challenges and comply with evolving standards.

  • Manage recurring revenue with a powerful solution for both SaaS and perpetual license providers.


SFDC and other system integration

  • Salesforce's real-time connector leverages your existing CRM investment and integrates NetSuite's powerful order management and financial capabilities with your existing CRM for full read-to-cache automation.


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