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Manufacturing Industry


Netsuite solves many problems that manufacturers have, such as product data management, supply chain, product control, and global management.

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Manufacturing Industry-specific NetSuite Introduction Effect

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Non-unified data management

  • Un-unified data from factories to suppliers, sales offices, and consumers, and batch data cannot be acquired without time and effort.

  • Difficult to calculate when and how much production is needed, its raw materials, in-process warehouses, and required orders.

​Product data / order management

/ quality control

  • Difficult to grasp product data, standard cost, lot cost.

  • The core system, excel sheets differ depending on the branch office/factory.

  • ​Complicated demand forecasting in the digital society. Inventory management cannot be flexibly handled, and shortages and delays may occur.

Difficulties on overseas expansion

  • ERP systems (domestic manufacturers) that you are currently using cannot be used overseas.

  • Wasting lots of time doing rate calculations manually. A core system that can automatically respond to the language, currency, and accounting standards of overseas expansion destinations is required.


Effects after NetSuite installation

Centralized management from the factory to corporate finance

  • As all of the data is managed on the same platform, it can be judged from correct real-time information and can be automated.

  • Real-time update inspection plans from the workplace, pass / fail criteria, summary results, and real-time monitoring through mobile devices and traditional barcodes.

​Product data / order management

/ quality control

  • BOM, cost version, product data can all be managed in one place.

  • Automatic calculation of the difference between standard cost and cost by lots.

  • Create, release, update, and even manage QA through the manufacturing process.

  • Able to order the necessary components and know their delivery dates online according to the production schedule.

Quick, efficient overseas expansion

  • Adapts to multi-language, tax, currency, and auditing standards worldwide.

  • Easy to control the outsourced manufacturing process and your own factory at the same time.

"Integrated multiple systems across the 10+ locations into NetSuite. Now, All real-time data can be grasped in one system."

Product Features for Manufacturing Industry

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

NetSuite's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is the only cloud solution that can provide a 360-degree, real-time view of your customers. NetSuite CRM provides a seamless flow of information throughout your customer's lifecycle, from leads to opportunities, orders, deliveries, sales, upsells, cross-sells, and support.

NetSuite CRM not only provides traditional CRM features such as SFA, customer service management and marketing automation, but also quotes, order management, fees, sales forecasts, integrated e-commerce capabilities and more.

Item master

Manufacturing engineering changes are quickly propagated downstream and immediately reflected in the BOM, manufacturing plans, and inventory.

  • Realize item inventory, service planning, and costing capabilities in project management.

  • Supports various methods for costing inventory (including LIFO, FIFO, average, standard, and actual costing)

  • Simplify the calculation of the cost by integrating with external CAD applications and easily importing BOMs


Order Management System (OMS)

NetSuite's order management system streamlines order processing and enables timely billing and payment by eliminating manual bottlenecks, preventing errors, and establishing a smooth flow from quote order to purchase.

NetSuite's order and billing management capabilities integrate sales, accounting, and operations teams to improve quote accuracy, eliminate billing errors, enhance revenue recognition processes, and improve operational accuracy and efficiency.


​Demand planning

NetSuite provides users the ability to forecast the inventory they need based on historical demand or sales forecasts.

By just clicking, you can generate supply plans using demand plan settings, reducing time-consuming manual processes. Available planning methods: linear regression, moving average, seasonal average, forecast sales.

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Procurement management

NetSuite streamlines and improves procurement-to-payment process accuracy by interlocking key sourcing transactions with automation and providing approval and matching workflows that meet internal control and compliance requirements.


Production Planning​

NetSuite offers discrete manufacturers many options on how to manage their manufacturing processes, regardless of their size, complexity, or business maturity.

Whether you're working in an environment without work instructions, backflushing all materials on completion, or issuing and tracking materials and workforce as work-in-process costs, NetSuite has the ability to retrieve information. Main features: Work Orders & Assemblies / WIP & Routings / Advanced Manufacturing

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​Supply chain

  • Supply Chain Control Tower: Actively monitor inventory, supply, and demand throughout the global supply chain.

  • Demand Management-Analyzing historical demand, incorporating forecasts, CSV imports, or web service updates.

  • Supply management-planned and actual orders, supply planning at multiple locations.

Quality Management

Key NetSuite quality management benefits

  • Patterned quality policies, standard best practices

  • Improve product quality

  • Aggregate test results, compare pass / fail criteria, reduce quality control costs


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