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Logistics Industry Solution

Solve industry-specific issues such as CRM marketing, inventory and supplier management, and order management with Oracle NetSuite


Logistics Industry-specific NetSuite Introduction Effect

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Large amount of data management

  • Since many companies are involved in the process from manufacturing at the factory to selling products, it is necessary to manage a large amount of data.

  • There is no way to comprehensively visualize customers from various channels and points of contact, and it takes time to create reports.

​Product data / order management

/ quality control

  • Difficult to grasp inventory and order data due to lack of tracking/control function.

  • The core system and excel sheets differ depending on the branch office/factory.

  • Complicated demand forecasting in the digital society. Inventory management cannot be flexibly handled, and shortages and delays may occur.

Difficulties on overseas expansion

  • ERP systems (domestic manufacturers) that you are currently using cannot be used overseas.

  • Difficult to develop marketing measures to open up new markets because the system is not integrated


Effects after NetSuite installation

Centralized management of the process from order to payment confirmation

  • Communicate with customers anywhere. Able to order via phone, online, direct sales, EDI.

  • Get a complete picture of the overall purchasing process by leveraging supplier-vendor relationships.

  • Improve customer satisfaction by adhering to delivery dates and optimizing delivery costs

​Product data / order management

/ quality control

  • Customers can buy anywhere, pay in any way, and return anywhere.

  • Efficiently manage inventory and suppliers to meet today's customer demand.

  • Contribute to corporate sales by reliably managing deals, pipelines, and pricing.

Quick, efficient overseas expansion

  • Adapts to multi-language, tax, currency, and auditing standards worldwide.

  • Open up new markets through campaign management, marketing automation (MA), and marketing analysis.

  • Get smarter strategic decisions across all channels with real-time business intelligence (BI)

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"We can now manage everything from billing to shipping by importing small orders, large orders, etc. into NetSuite. Since we were able to reduce such manpower considerably, we were able to significantly reduce labor costs."

Product Features for Logistics Industry

Order management

  • You can order various channels through EDI, web order, direct sales, partner sales, POS, etc.

  • Gain real-time visibility across all channels, including orders, customers, and inventory.

  • Improve estimation accuracy, eliminate billing errors, enhance revenue recognition, improve revenue and customer lifetime value.

Supplier management

  • Real-time integration with suppliers and performance analysis through the supplier portal.

  • Build a real-time approval workflow based on the order amount and create a centralized purchasing process.

  • Ensure purchase compliance and process supplier payments efficiently.

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Sales forecast and planning

  • Generate supply orders based on sales forecasts and operational plans.

  • Re-forecast and regenerate the supply order to reduce lead time and reduce procurement time when the forecast changes.

  • Minimize out-of-stock and obsolete inventory.

Inventory management

  • Minimize out-of-stock and obsolete items by tracking all inventory and keeping track of inventory-to-sales ratios.

  • Leverage distribution centers and multiple branches to reduce inventory overhead.

  • Analyze detailed data to improve efficiency.


Material management

  • Track lot numbers and serial controlled items.

  • Supports wireless warehouse system.

  • Analyze detailed data to improve efficiency.

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Marketing campaign

  • Campaign management with accurate communication targeting, monitoring results with detailed data and metrics.

  • Define segmentation, market, and measure ROI in real-time.

  • Develop leads, prospects, and customers, expand opportunities through marketing automation, gain 360-degree views of customers, and leverage data and insights to discover new opportunities.


Picking (inspection / sorting / packing)

  • Reduce the number of picks and improve efficiency with zone and wave picking.

  • Prioritize pickup by carrier's pickup time and implement change requests efficiently.

  • Handle shipping notes, cancellations, changes, and customer-specific labeling to reduce shipping and time.


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