Email magazine August 2021: Shearwater 💫the growing role of the modern finance office
  • Baptiste Bassot

Email magazine August 2021: Shearwater 💫the growing role of the modern finance office

︎The Changing role of the CFO office

More than ever, the CFO role is expanding into a mini-CEO responsible for all but operations. We often now see CFO offices taking on accounting, obviously, but also forecasting and budgeting, planning, and technology. This encompasses everything from HR software, not only timesheets of old but also employee engagement, evaluations, recruiting and onboarding, to operations automation (including workflows, RPA), to correct collection of operational data from ERP or operational systems, to objectives such as CSR projects tracking and reporting, digital commerce, and finally financial and accounting systems. All of those now need to be automated, infused with intelligence. In this complex and rapidly changing landscape a correct technology partner bring a suite of well-integrated software becomes a strong asset to the fast-growing finance office.

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Shearwater has helped Japan for UNHCR onboard Workday Adaptive Planning By Speeding Financial Workflows, Increasing Insight, and Improving the Efficiency of Donation Campaign Efforts with Workday and Shearwater Asia, More Resources can be Spent on Refugees in Need Location: Tokyo, Japan Industry: Nonprofit

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people. Japan for UNHCR is the official partner of UNHCR in Japan, engaging in fundraising and raising awareness for the refugee cause. ︎Here are a few things that kept us busy recently:

  • Shearwater develops the African market on NetSuite! We have set-up a comprehensive consulting effort mapping all legal, financial and tax requirements for systems across all countries in africa. The set-up is ready to be deployed across the continent!

We received many awards for our efforts on Oracle NetSuite recently

  • New logo rockstar (most new netsuite customers)

  • Best customer service (especially in China)

  • Best partner in Japan

  • 5stars (the highest partner level for Oracle)

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︎Solutions Promotions

  • FP&A, Business Planning for Software Company

Workday Adaptive Planning lets software companies plan, monitor, and analyze subscription bookings and revenue. Our solution provides software-specific metrics and templates for budgeting, forecasting, scenario modeling, dashboards, and reports. Model subscription bookings, sales rep productivity, retention and cohort behavior, and customer LTV and retention costs. The result is improved sales and revenue forecasting, and insights that help to improve customer retention and reduce churn while reducing acquisition costs.

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︎New References We have received customer feedbacks on our successful project delivery “It’s been great to avoid excel sheets and multiple versions passed on in email, where latest version sometimes gets lost. Adaptive Planning gives a one stop shop solution to have all users input saved live and traceable. As a distributor to have a custom Sales Forecasting information that is the basis for our Supplier Ordering enables Ash to keep adequate stock at the same time having the possibility to make the right analysis for uncertainties ahead” - Philip Hansson, Project Manager Ash Asia "As a fast-growing company, we wanted to move from Excel-based budgeting/ reporting to a more capable system. Adaptive was selected based on its sophisticated reporting capabilities, ease of use, scalability and importantly the fact that it is cloud based. We are using Adaptive to create a detailed company-wide financial plan for the company which has operations across 3 countries from sales, operations, finance, and HR. In addition to using Adaptive to develop a bottoms-up financial plan, we integrate Adaptive to our ERP system which allows us to compare plan with actual performance and adjust planning in a much more dynamic way than the traditional Excel-based planning" - Kriangkrai Cherngwiwatkit, Vice President Ash Asia

︎New customers

  • We have contracted a very large Tshirt print operation in Japan, full-cycle with a website on NetSuite, all purchases, inventories, accounting and sales operations linked into one single system, across several countries!

︎New useful contents

  • We also had a very comprehensive presentation on how to use netsuite to develop your business in thailand. The presentation and associated contents are available here:

  • We had a very successful webinar on Workforce Planning - build workforce plans as agile as your business, 18 participants from 10 companies, various industries background, click on the link to view the recording

*Headcount & compensation planning *Resource planning *Talent & Skills planning *Organization modelling

We are Shearwater Group Cloud Consulting Specialists across APAC / Europe: Singapore - China - Japan - Korea - Taiwan - France We are the foremost partner for Oracle NetSuite / Workday Adaptive Planning Please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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