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Localization Service

 All over Asia

Shearwater group offers the consulting know-how, experiences with legal requirements, technology skills, and implementation experiences to accelerate your implementation all over Asia.

The Shearwater Group offers localization and global roll-out services globally, in Asia,
in individual countries or in the whole region.

Why is Shearwater the best partner for you


Experienced IT consultants

Our expertise on Oracle Netsuite and Workday Adaptive Planning allows us to offer companies looking to expand their systems in Asia a cost-effective, simple, and highly-performing roll-out.


Leader of Asian market

Shearwater has team members all over Asia who provide high-quality customer support in several languages (Japanese, Chinese, English, French) striving to give a fast and actionable answer to quickly resolve issues.


All one-stop service

We provide project management, consulting, development, cooperation with other systems, accounting, and system admin training etc. all as a one-stop service.

Our one-stop localization service 

You’ll get a dedicated team and flexible engagement structures toward a win-win collaboration.

setting up team, project schedule and budget ownership, project progress and tasks allocation, point of contact, documents management, communication.

​1.Project Management

Interviews and document analysis for system blueprint

(invoices, CoA, etc).

2.Business Requirement


NetSuite default set-up including companies, subsidiaries, tax & accounting periods, users. Uses standard NetSuite bundles or Shearwater Bundles. This can be done on Sandbox first.

3.Initial Set-up

CoA, JE, tax codes.


includes current vendors, and an import template.

5.Master data: suppliers

6.Master data: customers

includes current vendors, and an import template.

7.Starting balances

Trial balance + open invoices + open bills imports.

8.Sales & Purchase


Forms modifications on local pages.

9.Accounting & others


Forms modifications on local pages.

10.Users and roles

1~3 local role, center, users set-up.


Admin and power users.

The assumption is a copy of English PDF forms with some additional fields. Options exist.


We’ve been at the forefront of technologies with offices or a presence in Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc for the last 10 years.

We have successfully built the largest NetSuite partner in Asia and the only practice across Asia on Workday Adaptive Planning. We serve companies from start-ups to fortune 15, with technologies and consulting.


There is one legal requirement to address on Revenue Recognition. Usually, the VAT is also recognized along with the revenue, not at the timing of invoicing.  NetSuite does not natively support this requirement, however, we have developed a solution.


You’ll get a dedicated team and flexible engagement structures toward a win-win collaboration.

Regions we support 

We can also help you with localizations or roll-outs of other locales as well!

Please click on the countries below to download the datasheets.

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