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Workday Adaptive Planning 

Sales Planning

Quickly optimize sales resources, improve sales performance and predictability, and optimize your listing strategy.

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How Does Workday Support Your Sales Team?

In today's rapidly changing world, sales teams need to respond immediately to market changes. The Workday Adaptive sales plan can also deploy the correct quotas by linking sales and financial plans, set up a balanced area and provide a single source of truth.

Sales capacity and headcount

Control your salesperson plan. Use our intuitive dashboard to manage and implement detailed assumptions (staffing, growth rates, quotas, achievements, productivity and losses).

Territory and quota

Sales territory scoring, design, and management. Geo-based and explicit account assignments. Bookings targets and deployed sales rep quotas.

Sales analysis and forecast

No matter what happens, make sure to provide sales representatives with better and more predictable performance.

"The sales teams know the regions; they know the accounts; they’re the experts. Adaptive allows them to take an active role in mapping out their territories and associated quotas."

Senior Sales Planning Analyst - Rubrik

Overview of Workday Sales Planning

Improve sales performance with sales capacity and quota models designed to run real-time what-if scenarios around ramping, staffing, and attainment.

Construct balanced territories to optimally deploy your sales force.

Link your sales plan to your corporate strategy through synchronizing bookings targets, headcount plans, and expense data.

Import actuals from your CRM system, such as Salesforce, to course-correct based on actual performance.

Make More Informed Decisions Faster

Automatic integration with company plans allows you to gain insight into functional interdependencies and make predictions more accurately.

Link the staffing plan to your business strategy and costs

  •  Strategically plan incentive compensation to influence higher performance and drive key business results.

  • Determine the impact on the scope of control and sales representative productivity.

  • View the impact of changes in the number of potential employees in real-time. 


Consider variable factors that affect sales

The Workday Adaptive plan will be easily implemented: Develop and modify planning assumptions around quotas, seasonality, segmentation, achievement, promotion, recruitment, productivity, and loss.

  • Compare versions under different assumptions to find the best solution.

  • Understand how changes in your assumptions will affect sales capacity and quota coverage.


Improve productivity and make better decisions faster

Take advantage of the speed, scalability, and availability of Workday Adaptive plans.

  • Ensure assumptions are based on historical performance and market data.

  • Identify gaps and risks with confidence.

  • Fine-tune performance.

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Modern regional planning

Using Workday Adaptive planning, you can easily balance and map areas.

  • Optimize the allocation of accounts to ensure regional balance and pertinence.

  • Ensure full coverage of your account environment.

  • Design balance and target area as needed.

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solutions built for collaboration

Easily collaborate with peers across teams, geographies, and time zones on key decisions. Our sales performance software is easy for anyone to use-it also makes collaboration easy.

  • Divide regional boundaries in an environment, assign accounts and quotas, and assign the number of employees.

  • Seamlessly link sales strategies with company plans.

  • Automatically and intuitively let data flow between plans and versions.

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